Valar morghulis, valar dohaeris.
Crowley, Poland.
I love Dir En Grey and Rammstein; SuperWhoLock, Hannibal, Game of Thrones and 2 Broke Girls; Song of Ice and Fire.
I love my dog and reading books.

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mode:28-29 Zepp Nagoya
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京; 2014.02.03 rehearsal (Nippon Budokan 2014 bonus disc)




Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki preview what’s to come for Supernatural Season 9
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Hey you guys. Thank you to @AlexAllTimeLow for the nomination. Check out my #ALSIceBucketChallenge. I nominate @greggsulkin @pascalispunk and @justincampbellphotography you have 24 hours (x)
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Ice Bucket Challenge Supernatural Cast.

Osric Chau [x]
Mark Sheppard [x] [x] 
Misha Collins [x]
Jared Padalecki [x]
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"He did not feel the way he had so often felt before, excited, curious, burning to get to the bottom of a mystery; he simply knew that the task of discovering the truth about the real Horcrux had to be completed before he could move a little further along the dark and winding path stretching ahead of him, the path that he and Dumbledore had set out upon together, and which he now knew he would have to journey alone. There might still be as many as four Horcruxes out there somewhere and each would need to be found and eliminated before there was even a possibility that Voldemort could be killed. He kept reciting their names to himself, as though by listing them he could bring them within reach: ‘the locket.., the cup… the snake… something of Gryffindor’s or Ravenclaw’s… the locket… the cup… the snake… something of Gryffindor’s or Ravenclaw’s…’"
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Sophie Turner and Pedro Pascal taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for ALS.